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About Us

Our Story

Although cliché, RAE MODE started from the ground up.

Founded in 2017 and starting the fashion journey with only two employees, RAE MODE has now become one of the leading wholesale brands in the "athleisure" industry. 

With failures and hardships from previous businesses, our CEO has been successful with the lessons she learned. At a young age, she experienced the deterioration of trust between partners in her previous business when the partners stole everything she had. Thus, our core philosophy is to be truthful, trustworthy, and fair in our B2B and B2C services.

RAE MODE was founded when our CEO saw the difficulty her mother was having when shopping for leggings. With a limited variety for those with big proportions and different sizing for each store, our CEO dedicated herself to change the strenuous shopping experience into a happy one.

Understanding the difficult customer journey, our brand is an inclusive, one-stop wholesale store that sells diverse styles ranging from casual to active wear in regular and plus sizes.


Our Products


 Understanding the difficulty of exclusive sizing, understanding the limited variety other companies have, and understanding the strenuous shopping experience, our CEO designs each style with balance and inclusivity in mind. 

 Our thoughtful active wear line constitutes of specially innovated fabric to curate “buttery-softness” for comfortableness and compression for function. Caring for our customers, our clothes are also designed in consistent size ratios for an easy shopping experience.



Our Company

Mission Statement

To fill our customer’s wardrobes with affordable clothing so that they are fashionable, comfortable, confident, and happy.


- Founded in 2017, RAE MODE dedicates to create a happy shopping experience.

- 2018: RAE MODE attends its first trade shows in Atlanta, Dallas, and Las Vegas.

- 2019: With exponential growth, our company moves to a bigger office.

- 2020: To help alleviate the shortage of masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, we create fashionable, cotton, reversible masks to be worn with style and flair.

- 2021: At the height of the pandemic, through difficulties, challenges, and disruptions to the supply chain, we double in sales.

- 2022: With considerable growth and increased budgets, RAE MODE expands brand awareness and attends new tradeshows.